Prof. Christian von Mering - University of Zürich

Prof. Christian von Mering

Field of Research

Our group studies the genomes of entire microbial communities, based on the new and exciting metagenomics approach. Metagenomics describes a technique that encompasses the sampling of DNA directly from an environment; the DNA is then shotgun sequenced without prior knowledge of what organisms are actually present. This approach has become necessary because most naturally occurring microbes cannot be grown in the laboratory, which has lead to a situation where our molecular knowledge of microbes is vastly incomplete and quite biased. Only recently, researchers have begun to fill this gap by cultivation-independent molecular techniques such as metagenomics sequencing. Our group uses computers to analyze the vast amounts of molecular sequence data this produces.


Specific contribution to InfectX

Our group will provide essential integration services for the consortium, throughout the entire project. The group aims to use the combined data from all screens to perform network-based filtering, analysis and data reduction. This will result in:

  • increased signal-to-noise ratios for each individual screen,
  • separation of specific from more generic hits,
  • analysis and ranking of hits in the context of human genetic variation,
  • suggestions for specific epistasis experiments (e.g. double knockdowns or over-expression experiments) to be conducted in order to successfully screen those parts of the gene network that are otherwise buffered by redundancy


Lab Members Involved in InfectX

  Andrea Franceschini Andrea Franceschini, Software Developer, focusing on developing computational and statistical software tools for the analysis of high-throughput screening.






Neha DagaNeha Daga, Ph.D. Student,